Exposing the data you need


The ExpoCise database needs an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 or later installed on the computer where the database will reside.

ExpoCise can share a SQL instance with other databases as long as the existing databases are not negatively impacted by the ExpoCise database.

ExpoCise manages data source permissions by user groups which provide granular restrictions to data sources. 

If Microsoft® SQL is not already installed, it is the recommendation to download the latest version of Microsoft® SQL Express 2014. 

Click here to download
Microsoft® SQL Server 2014 Express.

  •  The setup of this instance requires 'mixed mode' authentication.
  • Choose the SQLEXPRWTversion, which includes Management Studio 2014.
  • Select x86 or x64 pending the OS of the computer housing the installation.
  • Refer to Microsoft's® database server recommendations.
  • If the server does not match the above recommendations, use the 2012 version.